iBP has the talent to redefine how you make your profit
iBP is a proven Business Process Outsourcing service provider, 100% Australian owned and managed since 2008. Here are some important facts you should know about us:

  • iBP has captured a huge talent pool of the highest quality graduates and business
    professionals with excellent English communication skills
  • There is no purchase needed to engage iBP and the global reach of our IT infrastructure
    is state of the art and totally secure
  • No data or business information goes off shore, all tasks are processed within your
    current infrastructure environment securely using ISO27001 standards.

“The real beauty in every BPO is seeing the synergy between the people, the processes and the technology, working in smooth unison.”

Your office next door.

Office space in any of the major cities around the world can run to astronomical costs. This has been one of the global drivers in outsourcing business processes, to be carried out efficiently by resources who may not be located on the same city block. This frees up expensive office space that could be utilized by people who generate revenue. Today’s technology enables real-time connection with those completing the outsourced functions and iBP’s secure digital network means we’re as good as being next door.
iBP’s technology infrastructure is located at a state-of-the-art Data Centre in the Melbourne CBD with full redundancy and backup services. All of our clients’ data is accessed through this location ensuring no data is held offshore. Our HR and IT resources are deployed within a secure environment meeting ISO27001 standards.

What we deliver, how it works.

We drive competitive advantage into your business through price performance, so you generate substantial cost savings. You are also able to refocus your business by redeploying or freeing-up resources and capital that you may wish use to provide better service for your customers. We deliver the efficiencies that work for you:

  • Innovatively partner with you to drive sales and business optimization.
  • Drive down risk for your business by taking on all HR, training, and infrastructure maintenance while ensuring you have full control and total visibility of the work completed.
  • Provide access to ‘live’ real-time business data that enables effective business decisions based on understanding 24 x 7 x 365.
  • Enable you to compete harder and to ‘act big’ with iBP as your deep, flexible resource support pool, agile and sensitive to your business needs as your business grows and diversifies.
  • Link your back-office/administration functions directly and smoothly into your business strategy.
  • We take fixed cost administrative functions and turn them into variable cost efficiencies.

We bring you a 99% reliability (our current benchmark) in the operation and execution of your business tasks.

Current business services available from iBP

  • 1. Finance and Accounting
  • 2. Billing and Payments
  • 3. Contact Centre
  • 4. Data Management, Processing and Analytics
  • 5. Human Resources
  • 6. Marketing Outsourcing and Operations Management
  • 7. Insurance Data Processing
  • 8. Customer Relationship Management
  • 9. IT Support Services