Reducing overheads is not the only way to boost profits…
iBP supports clients with uniquely tailored services for Administration, Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology and Business Development. But outsourcing the non-core business processes attached to these departments is just one way we can increase business profitability.

The values of delegating
iBP was created as a BPO services provider to remove in-house back office and administrative functions and deliver them for clients as a chargeable outsourced service.
Imagine the person located in the room next door to your office completing administrative tasks such as data entry, database management or accounting functions like Accounts Receivable. iBP simply takes these business processes being completed 9-to-5 in the room next door and delivers them via high speed and secure internet connectivity by our highly skilled and trained team.
The result has been proven time and time again to be a minimum 50% saving in wages and overhead costs to our clients’ businesses.

Re-allocate back office functions and you free up HR assets.
Along the way, we deliver more than just a rejuvenated bottom line. Outsourcing back office functions can replenish your front line assets, as key HR roles regain a flexibility that can be used in building your business.
iBP is a totally focused BPO provider offering these services to clients who gain improved efficiency and profitability 24 x 7 x 365. Our core business is to redeploy and deliver your non-core business processes.
iBP is a unique 100% Australian owned and integrated international BPO services provider that has been supporting global companies since 2008. We know what works – and we know how to make it work!

“At iBP we have a saying; if you are doing something that is not adding value to your business, don’t do it. We’ll do it for you and add value into the process.” Craig Grogan, CEO, iBP

If you are running a business today that deploys considerable resources in back-office, administration or accounting staff, talk to us. We’ll translate your back-office weight into front-line profit. You will also free up capital consumed by non-core business functions that you can invest on revenue generation and brand building initiatives.
Transferring Administration, Accounting, HR, IT or related Business Development tasks from in-house to iBP is remarkably simple, with a proven and structured engagement process. Local Client Engagement Managers work on-site totally integrated with you and our support team to ensure the highest quality service and timeframes to measurable value are achieved.

There’s a single objective: helping you grow.
Imagine this: your business engages iBP and within 12 months figures prove you have saved up to 50% of your annual budgeted wage and overhead costs associated with non-core back-office/administration business functions. Whether you are the CEO, COO, CFO or even CIO, results of this nature can re-energize your business by turning areas that had been seen as pure cost, into new levels of business efficiency.

However, real world experience tells us, this is not the full story…
Each time clients experience iBP delivered savings, the results fertilize a drive to identify and transform even more cost heavy functions into pure business efficiency – and increased profitability.
To ensure every ‘i’ is dotted, to guarantee total customer satisfaction, iBP delivers documented, standard operating procedures with clearly articulated roles and responsibilities for your onshore team members. Optimizing the end-to-end process will also reduce the existing business risk and helps ensure business continuity of your processes.