Schools across Australia

January  2017

BrightSchool App gets warm welcome from parents, coaches and teachers.

BrightSchool has kicked off famously across Australia, thanks to hands on support from IBP teams in Melbourne and Sydney, iBP’s own China Operations Centre, and led by the driving force of Kevin Dyson, Bright School Director and former AFL Centre with the Melbourne Demons and the Sydney Swans.

The frightening events at the beginning of this year that saw Schools all over Australia receive hoax bomb threats raised a huge “What if” alarm.  And if anything good came of it, it has to be the renewed focus on how well equipped schools are to provide excellence in pastoral care for students – and provide parents with the much needed peace of mind.

BrightSchool is an App, designed, with the help of iBP, to deliver simple and effective communication that translates to greater pastoral care and better educational outcomes for Schools at every level.

“The BrightSchool game plan, is to ensure that every student, parent, guardian, teacher, coach, staff member or School Director is always informed.”  Kevin Dyson, BrightSchool Director.

BrightSchool provides a powerful platform that ensures every student, parent, guardian, teacher, coach, staff member or School Director is always informed and up to date with all planned extra-curricular or off-site sports, music or holiday events.

Designed in conjunction with educators, BrightSchool provides vital communication to students and parents in the fast-paced and connected world we live in today. Whilst education portals and central student management platforms provide classroom based services, BrightSchool fills the gap by providing support and effective, instant two-way communications beyond the classroom – dynamic roll call lists advising teachers and coaches who should be in attendance and proactive, immediate notification to parents if a student is not present.
Students and Parents are informed about activities proactively by email and/or SMS with dates, times, venues, maps and weather.  Any sudden changes are instantly communicated via email and/or SMS with two-way notifications.  The system is device agnostic, flexible from desktop through tablet to smartphone.

Coaches, Teachers and Students all benefit from off-site Roll Calls

Through secure access via any web-enabled device, teachers and Coaches can manage and send out activity notifications and updates/changes with all vital info.

Time stamped automated roll calls mean the best possible pastoral care is delivered for students, anywhere at any time, in line with education governance and compliance requirements

Time efficient communication also gives back more valuable time for Teachers/Coaches to prepare in the classroom or to deliver better activity-based and educational outcomes for School and student.

Reduced Admin overheads

BrightSchool can reduce administrative overheads saving both time and money for schools to invest in other initiatives to help School development and expansion. BrightSchool is a secure web-based application that can be implemented on-premise or provided as Software as a Service, and in both models will easily integrate into existing education and learning systems and portals.

Data management drives down risk

Data export and reporting functions continually drive efficiency and support educational archive compliance.  With the BrightSchool App in place, School Directors and Principals know exactly where students are for any given co-curricular activity thereby closing the gap on audit compliance.