An interview with Craig Grogan, iBP CEO, Melbourne, Australia

Q: The term BPO today has many connotations. How do you sum up your BPO service?
A: Our value proposition is based on a holistic, end-to-end approach to managing the entire scope of the BPO. This includes the onshore and offshore components, irrespective of who is fulfilling the task. A collaborative governance and a partnering attitude, is how we approach each task. We operate as an intrinsic and organic part of the client, we’re just located in a different building (country).

“The real beauty in every BPO is seeing the synergy between the
people, the processes and the technology, working in smooth unison.”

Q: What do you see as the key priorities for you as a BPO service provider?
A: I think making change management a priority is an important issue. Our clients are sometimes ready and keen to take on change. However more often our clients see the need for change but are unsure how, or are hoping to experience zero change in operations, but major change in profits. To deliver every time on such a wide spectrum of expectations, we manage the entire outsourcing process in every detail, from preparation to implementation. The transition is managed in a way that guarantees a positive working environment and ensuring all parties are working to the greater good of the organisation. We also help our clients to see BPO opportunities can add “value beyond cost” – focusing on benefits that go beyond cost reduction to reveal new business outcomes, targeting strategic opportunities. Cost reduction is sometimes seen as the primary driver, but there are always indirect benefits that also prove significant. In particular, speed and productivity gains can and do add further tangible, measurable business advantages.

Q: Does the technology required to action most BPO’s exist in business today?
A: Technology is the business enabler in so many ways today. Where a BPO is concerned it needs to be carefully considered, but yes, essentially the technology and components required is either already in place or is easily accessible for all businesses. Our technology team are experts at preparation, actual cutover and final implementation of the ongoing integrated business and technology solution. But the real beauty in every BPO is seeing the synergy between the people, the processes and the technology, working in smooth unison.

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